New Year, New Covers!

2013 was a great year here at LLewellen Designs. Working with so many awesome authors, how could it not have been? To get things going, I’d like to share some covers that came out in the later part of the year.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00004]From Kay Layton Sisk, comes her novel After the Thunder Rolls Away, a heartwarming women’s fiction novel that is available now. Visit Kay here for future releases.

After the Thunder Rolls Away:

The lives of two families are forever changed when a car accident kills one spouse of each family. But which one? How do the remaining two rebuild their lives? And what if it had been two others? 
Mark and Angel O’Shea, Eric and Paulina Eubanks–best friends and business partners are driving home early one summer morning from a country club party when a deer darts out in front of Mark’s new car. Paulina’s sure driving saves them from the first deer, then the second, but the third is a surprise and they plunge off the narrow Texas highway down a ravine and into a slow-moving river. 
There are four outcomes to this horrifying, community-changing event. Four ways the families may have to reconfigure their lives, hopes, and dreams. 

But which outcome is it… after Fate steps in.

Next up is the Heart Series from Laurie LeClair. These contemporary romances are blazing up the charts over at Amazon. Here are the blurbs for each:

Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the Heart:

Secrets to hide… 

A child to protect… 

Forbidden love… 

For years, Bree Hansen has fought to keep two things safe: Her daughter and her secret. Both are in jeopardy now that sexy cop Nick Carletti wants his family back. She’ll do anything to protect her secret. She has for years along with her forbidden feelings for Nick. He knows she’s hiding something and wants the truth. Getting to the bottom of it will give him what he wants, but at what price? 

How can Nick and Bree make a life together when he feels as if he’s betraying his dead son, can’t trust Bree, and has lost faith in everything, especially himself? 

Can Bree and Nick get what they want or will their forbidden past and growing feelings for each other expose too many secrets to heal their hearts? 

Crimes of the Heart final

Crimes of the Heart: 

Crimes committed… 

Forbidden affair… 

A secret child… 

As an illegitimate son of an accused embezzler, Devon Marshall wants revenge against the man who put his father in his grave. In the twelve years since he left his hometown and the woman he loved, Devon has gone from rags to riches. Now he wants to right some wrongs while clearing his father’s name. Jewel Wainwright, daughter of the man Devon vows to ruin, wants to be loved for who she is not what her sterling family name and reputation can do for a man. 

Jewel Wainwright’s secret and her heart is threatened when Devon Marshall walks back into town. He intends to stay and prove his late father’s innocence. But can he uncover the truth about Jewel’s family and the crimes from the past without destroying the two of them and the love they once shared? 

Lies of the Heart final

Lies of the Heart:

Lies buried… 

One forbidden night… 

A child lost… 

The decades old feuding between the Warfields and Deverauxs escalates when Tessa and Chance are forced to temporarily marry in order to fulfill his grandfather’s last wishes. While Tessa tries to hide her schoolgirl crush and her secrets, her heart has different ideas altogether. The legendary feud between their families kept them apart for ages. Or did it? 

Chance wants to achieve the terms of the will and put his past behind him. But he finds he’s falling for Tessa. Their families are trying to tear them apart. 

With loyalty to their families tested, can they unite against the ongoing battles and end the feud once and for all without losing everything? Will Tessa’s secret from the past, her hidden feelings for Chance, and exposing the age-old lies heal or destroy them in the end?

Now, for all you YA Dystopian lovers, here’s Daughter 4254, a novel you can read for free exclusively on Wattpad. The cover was illustrated by the talented Phoebe Randall with textual design by LLewellen Designs. I’m so excited with how well Leigh Statham‘s book is doing over there!

Daughter 4254 e-book final

Daughter 4254:

Daughter4254 used to think life in a community where art, music and names are outlawed would suffocate her creative spirit. Now that she’s rotting in a prison cell, she’s not sure her dying mother made the right choice when she entrusted her with the secrets of rebellion. Prison has given her plenty of time to relive every mistake and lose all hope. Her next stop is the MindWipe.

Then she meets Thomas, a fellow inmate, who tells her stories of the mythical mountain colonies where people have names and the arts thrive. Together they plot an escape, knowing if they fail, they will die. Or worse, their consciousness will be taken by the MindWipe, leaving their bodies free for the government to use. When nothing goes as planned, Daughter4254 must choose between using her mother’s secret to better the world she hates, or following Thomas to the quiet life of freedom she has always craved.


Next is a Regency Romance novel, Miss Farrow’s Feathers, by Susan Gee Heino. This is a second in her series. Visit Susan here and get all the details on her other novels. (If you get the chance, you should ask Susan about the beautiful model on the cover. It’s a very interesting story!)

Miss Farrow's Feathers final FRONT

Miss Farrow’s Feathers:

The vicar’s daughter was scandalized once… she doesn’t dare fall in love again. 
Miss Meg Farrow gave her heart to the wrong man and her reputation barely survived. Now the last thing she needs is the outrageous, foul-mouthed parrot she just inherited. She’ll be a public disgrace if she can’t find someone to help tame bawdy Bartholomew’s torrid tongue. But what if the man hired to train him turns out to be what she never expected, yet everything that she dreamed? 

When Maxwell Shirley shows up at the Farrow’s front door he’s stunned to be invited inside and given a room of his own. It seems the Rev. Farrow and his charming daughter have mistaken Max for a parrot trainer! But their error is a perfect foil for his scheme. Miss Farrow might seem prim on the outside, but Max has reason to suspect she hides a sordid secret inside. How long will it take him to charm his way to the truth… and then will he ruin her with it? 

I’ve got to confess, I had so much fun with this next one. Nearly Departed is a cozy mystery that is doing very well over at Amazon. You can visit JB Lynn here for this novel and more.

Murphy's Law final

Murphy’s Law:

They share a past… 

He wants a future… 

If only she could remember him… 

Desperate, Murphy leaves his bounty hunter business after numerous threats. But when Echo asks for his services, he can’t say no to the woman who holds his heart. 

Is betraying the man who’s kept her safe for the last two years to get what she wants the only answer? 

In book 1 of this Bounty Hunter Series romantic suspense, with everything on the line, can Murphy risk it all and save them before Echo gets her memory back and discovers the terrible truth? 

The Long Journey Home final

The Long Journey Home:

Can she find the courage to escape the life she once dreamt of in order to live the life she was meant to live? 

After years in an abusive marriage, Abby Wilder discovers proof of her husband’s infidelity. The overwhelming fear of leaving the man she once loved seems easier to deal with than her constant battle to keep her home life hidden from others and intact. With the help of a dear, older friend, Abby sneaks out of town. 

She travels miles out of her way to keep her husband off her trail. However, she left her house in disarray and injured her arm, so blood and questions were left behind. Abby’s dear friend accuses Abby’s husband of abuse and possibly murder. Now, the authorities are looking for her. There’s a reward for help in locating her and it’s growing. She’s running scared. 

While traveling, she finds a dog who adopts her and a man who helps her care for her injured dog and now wants to heal her wounds, too. 

But Abby needs to face her past before she can have a future. Will she embrace the second chance that life is offering her? 

Start reading this inspirational story of triumph over abuse now! 

2014 Releases!

First up for this year, we’ve got Lynn Graeme’s Eye of the Storm. This Paranormal Romance, first in the Bloodhavn series, is available now! Check out Lynn’s site here.

Eye of the Storm final

Eye of the Storm:

In Bloodhaven, a city rife with tensions between humans and shifters, wolf-shifter Grayson Moran makes himself a target when he takes a public stance against extremist factions attempting to eradicate all human existence. When a human woman comes forward claiming to have made a disturbing discovery, his protective instincts surge to the forefront, even as he can’t deny she makes him burn with other feelings he’d long thought dormant and broken. 

Sara Coulson is no fool. Working alongside suspicious shifters in a world where the humans and shifters are only just barely managing to co-exist, she has reason to be wary. Still, her determination to keep her distance wavers in the face of this intriguing alpha male, even as she comes under attack by enemies determined to silence her for good. 

Together, Grayson and Sara must learn to trust as they battle . . . the eye of the storm.

Next are a couple of Romantic Suspense novels in the Men of the Badge series from Riley McKissack. The first, Targeted, is out now. Tempted will be available this year. Visit her site for future release dates.

Targeted final


FBI agent Mick Hampton has a blood grudge against the drug runners who killed his partner Tess Jefferson. The guilt he feels over his inability to protect her has destroyed any chance for a life together with the woman he loved, his dead partner’s twin, Becca Jefferson. 

So, when Mick gets a chance to go undercover with a domestic terrorism cell who justify their drug trafficking as a way to fund their fight against the federal government, the danger is insignificant compared to the guilt he’s lived with since the day his partner was gunned down. 
The undercover operation takes a drastic left turn when the drug dealers kidnap his former fiance, who is also a daughter of the judge who put them away in prison. 

Coincidence? Or a premeditated move to get Mick out of the way for good? 

No matter the circumstances, Mick and the woman he’s loved and lost could end up dead. Not to mention the fact that countless civilians could also die if Mick doesn’t stop the drug runner’s plot to wreck vengeance on the federal government they hate. 

Tempted final


Danger swirls through the pages of Tempted, along with the enticement that lurks, ready to sweep ordinary people into dark, forbidden passions and desires.

Drugs, or the chemistry between two people that have no business together. Both can kill. Because both can distort the perception that is necessary to decide between what is safe and what is dangerous.

Alisa Maynard steps into a dark underworld of drugs and sex trafficking of underage girls in order to find her missing, teenaged sister. Weston McCall works undercover in this world.

His job is to blend in with the dangerous people who live on the edges of safe society in Atlanta, Georgia, men and women who will provide anything for a price.

The chemistry between Alisa and Weston is almost as life threatening as any of the drugs that are readily available. Because, it interferes with the laser-sharp awareness needed to maintain their ruses. The danger that exists if anyone uncovers either Alisa or Weston’s mission could cost them their lives.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 holds!

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