Cover Reveals and Mail Bag!

Things are getting really exciting here at LLewellen Designs! We’ve got new covers, revamp covers, book trailers, and boxed sets coming your way.  Though there are many designs that have yet to be published, I’m thrilled to show what is now available.

First we have the revamped covers for Suzanne Ferrell’s Edgars Family romantic suspense novels. These books are intense and great reads! Check out Suzanne’s site or her Amazon site to purchase yours or click here: KIDDNAPPED / HUNTED / SEIZED.

three new covers

On that note, here’s our new book trailer for Suzanne’s book KIDNAPPED: 

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Also out now is Holli Bertram’s Hot Magic. I love her concept and I had so much fun working on this cover. Check out Holli’s site here to get your copy. Here’s the blurb for her book:

When Julie Dancer’s hot new neighbor claims he’s got to have her in his bed to break an evil curse, Julie thinks he’s forgotten to take his meds. The truth is, Harrison Chevalier is a man of enormous power, leader of a group of energy wielders. Julie soon finds her quiet life crowded with a leather-clad Guardian, a mystery man who turns into an owl and a vengeful Shadow Walker intent on keeping her from breaking the curse.

Julie knows nothing about Harry’s world or the power to transform energy. Harry knows nothing about Julie’s life or the power of love. A single kiss triggers a whole lot of Hot Magic, changing everything, and leading Julie to a choice that could save the world but destroy the man she’s grown to love.
Book 1 of Magic Destiny – a funny, sexy paranormal romance series!
Boxed set LDOA
Next, we have an example of a new service at LLewellen Designs–Boxed Sets! Here is the boxed set for Allie Burton’s Daughters of Atlantis series. You can visit Allie’s site here. These rendered designs add a little 3D pizzaz to series sets. I’m so excited we’re now offering these to authors.
The Lost Daughters of Atlantis collection is now available over on Amazon and here’s the blurb:
Millennia ago as Atlantis sank into the depths of the sea King Atlas cocooned his three infant daughters in special pods for protection and sent them across the globe to carry on his legendary line. When their individual strengths matured they would join together to prevent a similar disaster from befalling future Atlanteans, and all mankind.Runaway Pearl seeks a place to belong, but when she learns the origin of her abilities will she choose the right side?

Princess Coral sets out to find her lost sisters of legend, but will she discover the truth about herself?

Regular-teen Maris learns about her abilities by accident. How will she choose between the life she’s always known or a new dangerous adventure?

As each daughter discovers her talents, she must choose her destiny – whether to ignore the churning seas or swim into battle.


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Finally, here’s a cover reveal for Joan Kayse‘s new book The Barbarian’s Soul. This is the third book in Joan’s Roman romance series, great for historical romance readers. Here’s the blurb:
Blood. Death. Destruction. Bran, son of Fynbar survived it all as a gladiator in the arenas of Rome’s blood sport. Earning his freedom did not earn him peace, and he finds his hell continues when he remains in the heart of the Empire to see his sister and her family secure. But now that all is settled, he is close to attaining the one shard of hope that saw him through his darkest days—he is finally returning home.
Adria has lived life in the streets of Rome since being orphaned as a young girl. Not an easy task considering the poverty that plagues the city. She uses the skills she’s learned to fill her belly and take care of those in desperate need. That she does so by stealing from only those who can afford the loss and never for her own personal gain is something she accepts. But when a notorious master thief pressures her to join his lethal ranks and her foster mother is faced with eviction, she breaks her most basic rule and steals for profit. Forced to remain in the midst of Rome, Bran earns silver by crafting exquisite jewelry, a skill he was renowned for in his homeland. One last transaction will fill his coffers and he will at last be able to take his clansman and the children he is sworn to protect away from the filth that is the Empire. But his elation is short lived when a thief steals the valuable cache of precious jewels. Losing the deal and his chance to return home, he tracks down the culprit only to discover a mere slip of a girl whose amethyst eyes spark fire even as she fights his reclamation of his property. Bran’s pride demands he make her pay for his trouble, while his soul is drawn to her temper and spirit. Adria agrees to act as nursemaid to his three out of control wards, refusing to believe that the gruff, stoic, intimidating man, reviled as a barbarian just might be conquering her heart. Can the two survive the pain and resentments of an unfair world and the machinations of an old enemy, to gain what they both long for—a family?
If you haven’t read the other two books in the series, you can get them here. And that’s where my Mail Bag comes in. Joan has graciously sent me printed copies of her first two books. I think they came out great!joan
Until next time
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